Shaping Our Future

Our normal is so different to what others call normal.

My wife and I have been married for nearly 11 years and together we have 2 wonderful boys. Our eldest son has Autism and younger son has Apraxia. We choose to call the wonderful Sunshine Coast in Australia our home.

With both, our boys requiring a lot of work my wife and I came to the decision that what people call normal was just not what suited our family.

This is what drives me as a knife maker and with other areas of art in my life. I also love photography and love sharing this with others.

My wife is also a wonderful artist in her own right. She creates the beautiful craft and home decor items which you will find in our store.

We strive for excellence and use our talents to provide for our family. So make sure you browse our store and see what latest creations we are selling. Also if you would like to follow our journey, please sign up for our newsletter here.

We hope you enjoy your visit.


Chen, Jess, Xander and Jethro.